Who we serve

We all have differences and tastes in style, so we know all the people and businesses we serve
are not the same.

Folmash Modular Container Homes serves all sorts of people, businesses, families and
developers across Nigeria and West Africa – we’ve seen it all.  So we understand how to make
sure your individual needs are taken care of – to make your experience with us as smooth, simple
and easy as possible.

Here are just some of the businesses and people in West Africa our team serves.  

Resort /Tourist Parks – Why? Because they’re after the best investment for their business:
affordable, reliable and comfortable accommodation that won’t break the bank. They love our
range of luxury container homes with different floor plans, with a range of optional ad-one and
up to 10-year warranty!

Also, because our container homes are maintenance-free and assembled in under an hour, they
love that they can save thousands there alone without the excess fees. Plus, with our buy direct
prices, they’re boosting profits and keeping profit margins in check.

Retirees – Why? Because most who’ve retired recently aren’t looking to watch the world go by
in a huge empty house that’s just too big for what they actually need. That’s why there’s been a
huge number of baby boomers, recently retired couples, and people choosing container homes
as the perfect place to settle down.

They love the ease of the container home lifestyle, with no lawn maintenance or building
upkeep, so everything is just as it should be. They also love that they can live in a space that
suits them with their choice of layout, and the ability to relocate whenever they please

Mining, Logistic and Camp Service Companies – Why? When working long-term in rural
areas and construction zones, there’s a demand for accommodation for all workers that are
comfortable, long-lasting and also transportable. At Folmash Modular Container Homes
they’re assured of all that and more, the best and only the best for them, their budget and workers.
They love knowing they’re getting quality container homes that are fully approved, 100% windproof, and water proof sound-insulated! Plus, they’re able to order in bulk, buy direct and save
thousands doing that alone.

Home Owners – Why? Whatever the need may be, the reason is simple: more space, more
breathing room for families, and less stress trying to keep everyone happy – essentially the
the core reason why modular housing is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst families
and homeowners alike.

They love being able to accommodate guests, in-laws, returning adult sons and daughters, and
their partners, grandparents and anyone else with simple, affordable and easy-to-assemble
container homes. There are also others using our container homes as temporary homes while
building on bigger land, and they love the ease of use as a simple solution for them.
But there are plenty more types of people we’re helping cut costs, live comfortably, meet
profit margins, and keep workers safe and families happy… just like these:

  • Transport And Building Industries Needing Temporary Accommodation
  • Government Housing Project & Low Income Housing Project
  • Directors                                                                  { Building Picture Here:}
  • Outback Property Owners – adapted for transportable housing
  • Land Developers
  • Disaster Relief Clinics
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Amy Station
  • Police Station
  • And Others…..

Want to know more?

Our expandable container homes are perfect for any situation. Made from a safe & reliable steel structure, each production run is tested for quality to ensure you get the highest quality container home built to withstand any weather.

From earthquakes rated at 8 to intense winds going up to 120 km/h, there is nothing our
waterproof, sound-insulated & easy to maintain expandable container homes can’t stand.
We’ve got you covered from start to finish on all things container homes for private, retail or
commercial use.
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What’s the Process to Order from Folmash

Modular Container Homes?

Ready to take the next step to own your container home for your business or pleasure?
Whether you’re a new homeowner and are after one container home, or leading a
government housing project, in a mining business or after disaster-relief accommodation
and need 100 container homes – we’re here to get you exactly what you need – on time and
on budget.
But no matter what your needs are, chances are you’ll have some questions about how to
order, what’s expected & much more…
That’s why at Folmash Modular Container Homes, we’re here to help make the process as
easy as possible for you. That’s something we guarantee to you and other homeowners, new
homebuyers, mining companies, land developers & thousands of others across Africa. 
Get in touch with the team today and call or chat about anything you may need to know about your order.

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